February 17, 2017

Here’s a super easy DIY home decor project that requires minimum talent and adds a little pizzazz to your bedroom. — plus the dog will love it!

I found a canvas-covered bench at Home Goods, and bought it at a great price. I really liked the “bones” of the bench but knew it needed a much nicer fabric covering.

Next step: Head to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics with the dimensions. (Don’t make me do Math.) I found a lovely neutral fabric that was attractive, sturdy and would be acceptable to my Yorkshire Terrier.

The project is a no-brainer. Turn the bench upside down and remove the stapled fabric. Center the fabric and use your staple gun to secure one long side and then the other. Tuck the fabric in nicely at the corners and staple the remainder fabric to the bench. Cut off any excess and be sure the staples are firmly in the bench. (You may need to hammer in a few.)

Voila! Place the bench at the bottom of your bed. Now you can store those throw pillows on the bench at night, sit on it to lace your running shoes, or bring out when you need  extra seating!


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