January 31, 2017

Are you a baby boomer who loves to run? Or, simply walk in comfort? Well, we’ve discovered Brooks GTS running shoes in super-cool, vivid colors. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a running shoe: stability, plush cushioning and great foot support. We are hooked on Brooks and they’ve even got a 90-day guarantee.

Brooks began as a family-owned shoe factory in 1914 and became tops in athletic footwear, from soccer cleats to bowling shoes. In the 1970s, the company created a shock-absorbing foam, a major innovation and bulls-eye hit for serious runners. Today, Brooks continues to shine as an award-winning running brand.

Lace up your Brooks running shoes! Here are five tips to start your very own walking program:

  1. Hello Doc: Check with your doctor to be sure you have no health problems and are cleared to hit the pavement.
  2. Get Out and Walk: Whether you dust off your treadmill or head for the pavement, walking will put less impact on your bones and joints than running. Walk briskly . . . no strolling through the park. Start with a 15-minute walk and work up to 35 minutes a week.
  3. Gear Up: You can keep track of fitness goals with a Fitbit, pedometer or use an iPhone app such as RockMyRun, a free workout music and running tracker. This app will gear your music to your activity du jour.
  4. Plan It: To make it happen, you need to schedule it. Mark your calendar for some me-time . . . and go take a hike.
  5. Buddy Up: Call a friend and plan a walk date. Your chances of staying with the program are better if you have your best bud at your side.

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