March 22, 2017

On a recent shopping spree in Mizner Park — in Boca Raton — I fell in love with a collection of colorful Veneto vases at Z Gallerie. These gorgeous creatures are made of hand-blown glass and are available in Aubergine, Cerulean, Sapphire, White, Mandarin and Gold. (Translation: Purple, Turquoise, Blue, White, Orange and Gold.) They stand proud at 16 1/2- inches high.

When I stopped by Z Gallerie two weeks ago, the vases were priced at $19.95. Right now, they are on sale on the website for only $9.95 each!

Be aware that the vases have an opening of only 1/4-inch, and that’s much too small for a flower. However, don’t panic! There’s no need to use them as vases . . . I prefer to put them into the category of “Home Decor Art.” Line up three Mandarin vases on a coffee table or buffet for a great look. Add a few matching pillows of various sizes and textures to your sofa for a crisp, brightly accessorized room.

Or, purchase two Cerulean vases and one White vase and group them together on a tray, sideboard or mantle. Match the vase color to a nearby painting or rug.

Yes, they are glass, so hide them when the grandkids come over. But, enjoy the vases at home, and secure them with tape to your surface, just in case.

At less than $10 each, these vases would certainly be fun birthday gifts, girlfriend gifts and even early-bird holiday gifts!

We’re sold. How about you?

Where do you shop online for home accessories and home goods? (Did someone say Home Goods?) Here are a few of our favorite sites:
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Kirkland’s (They have a fun selection of wall art and wall quotes.)
Overstock.com (Semi-annual sale is on now. Check out the sale on window treatments.)
Target (New Tropical Lush Collection’s artisan pieces say it all.)

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