March 20, 2017

It’s been a rough few months in the hair department here at Hello There 50! It all started last December with a hair-straightening treatment gone bad. I never knew that formaldehyde was used as a binder in the hair straightening process, did you? That certainly explains why I started to feel lightheaded and ill. In the process, my scalp was burned by a flat-iron straightener, and several trips to the dermatologist were required.

Next, I moved on to a new hair stylist, requested “a slight trim of my shoulder-length hair,” and ended up with a 7o’s shag!

But — sound the trumpet, please — now for the good news! I discovered Bumble and bumble Bb gentle shampoo and super rich conditioner. What a lifesaver! The Bb gentle shampoo does a great job moisturizing the hair and scalp — especially when you have dry,  chemically-treated hair that’s been damaged. I followed up with Bb super rich conditioner. It got rid of the tangles and left my hair moisturized, soft and feeling oh-so-good. I checked it out and both of these products get fabulous reviews on the Bumble and bumble website.

So, what are the takeaways here from our over-50 beauty blog? 
1. Thoroughly research any hair process and know what will be put onto your hair and scalp.

2. When having an “issue” with damaged hair and scalp, use a gentle cleansing routine like I did until your hair is back to normal.

May this help you to avoid some hair-y situations in the future. (Pun intended.)

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