February 17, 2017

I came across a YouTube video in my Facebook newsfeed that touched me deeply. It was produced by Humankind, part of the USA Network, and they are to be truly commended for their exceptional work! Please click here to watch.

Last December’s video featured 91-year-old Morrie Bogart, a terminally-ill hospice patient, confined to a hospital bed. Morrie knits hats for the homeless using a round knitting loom. He says it gives him purpose and that he’s going to do this until he goes home to the Lord, according to the Humankind video.

The video went viral, touching the hearts of so many people. Morrie received an abundance of yarn donations, along with prayers, praise and thanks.

Then a new Humankind video was published a week ago. Please click here to watch. Having celebrated a birthday on January 2nd, 92-year-old Morrie has since left hospice care and is holding his own. Morrie is an inspiration.

Knit with a Loom and Make Hats for the Homeless
Inspired by Morrie, I decided to learn how to knit using a circular knitting loom. I bought my set of circular knitting looms at Michael’s. Hobby Lobby sells the looms and so does Walmart.

Michael’s has an excellent video that will quickly give you an idea of how to knit with a loom. This video by Denise Canela at is also a great tutorial.

Where to Donate Hats for the Homeless
If you have a shelter in your county, try calling them first. Some organizations that would be happy to receive donations include:

Hats 4 The Homeless
Hats for the Homeless, Bangor, Maine
Hatbox Foundation
• Boston Healthcare for the Homeless
Bridge and Beyond
• The Yarnheads Project
• Warm Up America
• Project Warm


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