February 17, 2017

I came across a YouTube video in my Facebook newsfeed that touched me deeply. It was produced by Humankind, part of the USA Network, and they are to be truly commended for their exceptional work! Please click here to watch.

Last December’s video featured 91-year-old Morrie Bogart, a terminally-ill hospice patient, confined to a hospital bed. Morrie knits hats for the homeless using a round knitting loom. He says it gives him purpose and that he’s going to do this until he goes home to the Lord, according to the Humankind video.

The video went viral, touching the hearts of so many people. Morrie received an abundance of yarn donations, along with prayers, praise and thanks.

Then a new Humankind video was published a week ago. Please click here to watch. Having celebrated a birthday on January 2nd, 92-year-old Morrie has since left hospice care and is holding his own. Morrie is an inspiration.

Knit with a Loom and Make Hats for the Homeless
Inspired by Morrie, I decided to learn how to knit using a circular knitting loom. I bought my set of circular knitting looms at Michael’s. Hobby Lobby sells the looms and so does Walmart.

Michael’s has an excellent video that will quickly give you an idea of how to knit with a loom. This video by Denise Canela at is also a great tutorial.

Where to Donate Hats for the Homeless
If you have a shelter in your county, try calling them first. Some organizations that would be happy to receive donations include:

Hats 4 The Homeless
Hats for the Homeless, Bangor, Maine
Hatbox Foundation
• Boston Healthcare for the Homeless
Bridge and Beyond
• The Yarnheads Project
• Warm Up America
• Project Warm



February 13, 2017

Mom and Grandma Alert: Now is the time to be shopping for a First Holy Communion dress for your little second grader! It’s a celebratory day for your favorite little girl and a major step in her life-long journey in the faith.

The angel in the above photo is my daughter Allison, and I remember when we bought her dress at Jacobson’s, a fabulous regional department store in Palm Beach County that has since gone to Heaven. Make it a special event when you take your own daughter or granddaughter to shop . . .  she’ll always remember the day Gram and Mom bought her a beautiful white First Holy Communion dress and took her out to a special lunch!

So what’s available right now in the stores and online? I suggest a phone call to your local stores before loading the kids in the car to shop. Stock is already depleted in several stores.

Macy*s has a lovely selection of First Holy Communion dresses. We found a very pretty Blush By Us Angels embroidered Communion dress with a sheer mesh skirt. Priced at $85, this appears to be a typical price for upper-end stores.

Here are a few online sites to visit:

Dillards’s (Great Zelia jeweled dress shoes.)
Chasing Fireflies (Beautiful veils on the site.)
Isabel Garreton (Subscribe and get 10% off.)
JCPenney (Sale in progress right now.)
Kohl’s (Several Bonnie Jean dresses. Shop with a coupon.)
David’s Bridal (Lovely lace flower girls dresses that work as First Communion dresses.)
Flower Girl Dress (Several Joan Calabrese dresses with same day shipping.)
Sears (Sweet Pea and Lilli sequined and embroidered dresses.)
Burlington Coat Factory (Very reasonably priced dresses.)
Target (Adorable Mia Sophia cap-sleeve dress.)
Catholic Faith Store (Classic satin and tulle to lace appliquéd dresses.)
Kids Formal (Excellent pricing and oh-so-sweet organza dresses.)
Von Maur (Dresses, flats and veils, too.)

Another thought . . . You might try bridal stores and look at their flower girl dresses. Some consignment shops also sell Holy Communion dresses. If you can sew, check out this site for Making a Holy Communion Dress. And, here’s a site called that shows how you can sew your daughter’s dress from your own wedding dress!

Do your homework. Call stores first and you’ll find that very special dress for your daughter or granddaughter.

Of course, Pinterest is filled with Holy Communion dresses and great ideas. We have to mention this awesome Pinterest post showing an easy-to-make Holy Communion Cake!

Then, you might be wondering what to do with the dress after First Holy Communion? This is the fourth year that the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey, is collecting Holy Communion dresses and outfits to pass on to children in need. Check out this article for more information. Dresses and suits can be mailed to: Ms. Lynn Gully, Archdiocese of Newark, 171 Clifton, Avenue, Newark, NJ 07104.



January 31, 2017

Are you a baby boomer who loves to run? Or, simply walk in comfort? Well, we’ve discovered Brooks GTS running shoes in super-cool, vivid colors. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a running shoe: stability, plush cushioning and great foot support. We are hooked on Brooks and they’ve even got a 90-day guarantee.

Brooks began as a family-owned shoe factory in 1914 and became tops in athletic footwear, from soccer cleats to bowling shoes. In the 1970s, the company created a shock-absorbing foam, a major innovation and bulls-eye hit for serious runners. Today, Brooks continues to shine as an award-winning running brand.

Lace up your Brooks running shoes! Here are five tips to start your very own walking program:

  1. Hello Doc: Check with your doctor to be sure you have no health problems and are cleared to hit the pavement.
  2. Get Out and Walk: Whether you dust off your treadmill or head for the pavement, walking will put less impact on your bones and joints than running. Walk briskly . . . no strolling through the park. Start with a 15-minute walk and work up to 35 minutes a week.
  3. Gear Up: You can keep track of fitness goals with a Fitbit, pedometer or use an iPhone app such as RockMyRun, a free workout music and running tracker. This app will gear your music to your activity du jour.
  4. Plan It: To make it happen, you need to schedule it. Mark your calendar for some me-time . . . and go take a hike.
  5. Buddy Up: Call a friend and plan a walk date. Your chances of staying with the program are better if you have your best bud at your side.


January 18, 2017

Walking through Anthropologie the other day, I checked out The Texture Market, a gorgeous little setting in a corner of the store that attracted me as much as the sale pricing. Stocked on the wall were pillows of every size and texture and one-of-a-kind-looking throws that would make Etsy blush with jealousy.

I fell in love with the All Roads Design pillows and throws on display. This Los Angeles studio creates artistic and nature-inspired designs that will perfectly enhance any room in your home. You might need to ask yourself whether you are buying a pillow or a piece of art!

With a sale going on at Anthropologie, isn’t it time to freshen up your home’s winter accessories?


January 18, 2017

Isn’t it fun to check out the ages of over-50 women we all know and love? HELLO THERE 50 sharpened the pencil and created a list of fabulous big-screen legends, TV stars and award-winning singers . . . just for fun!

Remember actress Marlo Thomas in the sitcom That Girl? The show aired from 1966 to 1971, and Marlo portrayed a single, struggling actress in New York City looking for her first big break. Married to TV talk show host Phil Donahue since 1980, Marlo, age 79, devotes her time, energy and heart to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Did you know her dad, Danny Thomas, founded this hospital? The Lebanese comedian prayed to St. Jude Thaddeus, patron saint of hopeless causes, for help as he started his career in show biz. In thanksgiving to answered prayers, he built the medical facility that cares for children with cancer and other diseases, and is also  a research center. Click here for more info on St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or to become a local volunteer.

See if you can correctly guess the ages of these legendary over-50 women below:

Hello There 50s:
Sandra Bullock, age 52 – This actress and producer hails from Arlington, Virginia, and has a long list of popular films to her credit including Speed, While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality and The Heat. Sandra won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her stellar performance in The Blind Side in 2009. People Magazine named Sandra their “Most Beautiful Woman” in 2015. Over the years, the actress has been a major public supporter of the American Red Cross.
Demi Moore, 54 – Do you remember this favorite actress and model when she first appeared in St. Elmo’s Fire? We loved her in Ghost, A Few Good Men, The Proposal, G.I. Jane and The Juror (filmed in my old upstate New York neighborhood . . . got to see Demi,too!)
Gloria Estefan, age 59 – This Cuban-American singer began her career with the Miami Sound Machine, and we all loved her famous “Conga” back in 1985! Along with seven Grammys, Gloria was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contribution to American music.

Hello There 60s:
Christie Brinkley, 62 – With a background as supermodel, actress, celebrity, artist and author, it’s no surprise that Christie is also an entrepreneur, with her new anti-aging collection of Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare.
Kathie Lee Gifford, age 63 – The Emmy-winning co-host of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb writes books, sings and has her own California collection of wine, GIFFT by Kathie Lee Gifford. This lady with a heart of gold is dedicated to helping the Association to Benefit Children.
Jane Seymour, age 65 – The creative Jane has an inspirational Open Hearts collection of jewelry,  home decor and fine art prints plus a skin treatment system to help protect skin against aging and winter elements.

Hello There 70s:
Suzanne Somers, 70 – Remember Chrissy on Three’s Company? The actress, author and entrepreneur has an organic line of cosmetics, and actively promotes good health, fitness and fashion.
Diane Keaton, 71 – We all love this film actress, director and producer who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Annie Hall! Another memorable role was Kay Adams-Corleone in The Godfather. Besides acting, Diane loves photography, writes books, develops real estate and has promoted L’Oréal Paris’ anti-aging skincare line.
Martha Stewart, 75 – Television personality and successful businesswoman Martha delivers the best on her blog, Martha, Up Close and Personal. And, if you need something fun to do, tackle one of Martha’s DIY home projects!

Hello There 80s:
Julie Andrews, 81 – Dame Julia Elizabeth “Julie” Andrews is a film and stage actress, singer, author and director. No one can forget her film debut in Mary Poppins! Julie started in The Sound of Music in 1965, winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical.
Maggie Smith, 82 – Dame Margaret Natalie Smith – aka Maggie Smith – has acted on stage, television and film for over 60 years. Most recently we know her as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey until the PBS series ended in 2015.
Barbara Walters, 87 – This broadcast journalist, author and TV personality’s résumé includes hosting 20/20, Today, The View and ABC Evening News. Although in retirement, Barbara can be seen on an  occasional report for ABC News.


January 9, 2017

Are you still in disbelief after Friday’s shootings at Ft. Lauderdale Airport? It hit home to so many of us here in Florida. I sat for hours glued to the TV waiting for updates, knowing I had a family member aboard a noon flight ready for take-off. Finally at midnight, we were reunited at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center as the American Red Cross fed hundreds of bused-in passengers, and Ft. Lauderdale police did an excellent job of dealing with a situation that you just can’t prepare for or imagine.

Although this is a lifestyle blog for women over 50, I feel a responsibility to share my takeaways. A dear friend whose son survived the 2012 Colorado theater shootings sums it up by saying, “You never know what the day will bring!” And, how right she is.

My main takeaway: This is why we need to pray every day. When faced with a crisis, death or illness, it’s often difficult to find the words to pray because we are caught up in the situation and may not be thinking clearly. Prayer is petition, blessing, praise, intercession and thanksgiving. It’s the best way to start and end your day.

Take a moment to check out the following:

  • PLAN: Develop a family plan for any emergency situation. Add ICE (In Case of Emergency) to your cell phone. Here’s how. Check out the American Red Cross Emergency preparation page. It tells about all types of emergencies and how to prepare and respond to them.
  • PACK: Be sure to have your cell phone charger with you plus a battery back-up. Wear clothing with pockets. Put your your driver’s license, plane ticket, cell phone and some cash in a zip-lock bag in your pocket — even if you are carrying a purse.
  • ATTITUDE: Stay calm. Stay alert and stay quiet. Chaos only adds to chaos.

After being on the sidelines on Friday, here are my three takeaways:

  1. Cherish every moment with your family and friends. (Mend fences. Give hugs.)
  2. Be prepared spiritually. (Begin 2017 with prayer and a gentle spirit.)
  3. Remember to say “I love you.” (Often.)

Interestingly, this photo of a rainbow on the Ft. Lauderdale Airport runway was taken one hour before the shootings occurred.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims’ families and the injured.


October 23, 2016

Get inspired to eat well with a heavenly plate of colorful berries, thinly sliced Granny Smith apple and room-temperature brie topped with slivered almonds. Add a few slices of a French baguette, and share with a friend.


September 10, 2016

Hang in there . . .  we’ll have our new website for fabulous 50s up and running soon!

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