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June 3, 2017

What could be better than getting together with your girlfriends at a friend’s home once a month, sipping a little vino, and playing Bunco — a simple and fun dice game that allows you to sip, snack and chat? It just takes a little planning and 12 BFFs to get a group going for a great Girls Night Out.

So, how do you start your Bunco group? I’d suggest the following:

  1. Purchase a Bunco game at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target or on Amazon.
  2. Plan to have your Bunco evening on the same weekday each month. Create a sign-up list so everyone gets a turn at hosting.
  3. Send out an email flyer to 12 friends. (If someone can’t make it, you can always ask another friend to sub.) If our group has only 11 people respond, we bring along a stuffed animal “dummy” who moves from table to table, just like the players.
  4. Have guests bring a food to share, favorite beverage, and $5 for the kitty. (There’s several ways to win! Simply read the directions that accompany the game.)

If it’s your turn to host Bunco, consider a theme — such as hearts for Valentines Day, Christmas and holiday decor, or a Hawaiian Bunco party. We also recommend bringing this tasty Chicken Casserole recipe . . . it’s fast and tastes delicious!

Set up three card tables with tablecloths in your home, and four chairs at each table. You will need to add “signage” at each table to tell players whether to stay or move to another table after each round. (Signage and score cards come with the game.) Our Bunco group likes to have a small bowl of mixed nuts and M&M’s on each table for nervous munching.

You’ll need a large ice bucket to chill the wine bottles and plenty of wine glasses. It’s best to eat and chat first, and then get down to business! Be sure to check out the great Bunco ideas on Pinterest, too.

And, one last tip. I love bringing along my new purple readers by the folks at Readers.com. Not only are they adorable and totally affordable, they actually help over-50 ladies like me see better and enjoy the game more!

Let the games begin — and pour me some wine, please!

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